Work Boots You Can Depend On

When it comes to work boots, we at Witmer's believe only the best will do. Our brands have been around a long time, some of them over 100 years!


Comfort.  What good is a pair of work boots if it isn’t comfortable?  Our high-quality boots utilize insoles and sole materials that are designed to keep your feet happy all day long!  The soles on our work boots have cushioning comfort and features such as non-skid and oil resistant. 

Quality leather.  Made from the finest leather, our work boots are footwear you can be proud to own!

Waterproof.  Many manufacturers provide a warranty that guarantees their boots leak-free for one year from the date of purchase.  Our waterproof boots utilize a breathable membrane that allows the feet to breathe but at the same time acts as a barrier against water. 

Insulated.  Does your work take you outside on those cold winter days?  We have insulated boots in a variety of insulation weights.  The insulation in a general work boot typically ranges from 200-400 grams while hunting boots may utilize weights up to 1,000 grams or higher.

Soft toe and steel toe.  Our soft toe work boots are great for all types of general work – farming, mechanical, contracting, etc.  If your job requires extra protection against falling objects, we have steel toe boots.  We sell 6” and 8” toes. 

Excellent fit.  Need a hard-to-get size, color, or style? We're always glad to special order.  We can order anything from a women’s size 6 to a men’s size 18!



Charles Beckmen, a shoe merchant of the early 1900’s, recognized the need for quality footwear especially for those working rigorous jobs such as mining, farming, and logging.  He wanted to design footwear that promoted safety and comfort.  In 1905, he opened the Red Wing Shoe Company in the town of Red Wing, Minnesota.  Over 100 years later, this company is still headquartered in Red Wing, Minnesota.  Red Wing boots are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Red Wing boots are handmade, constructed by the same high-quality standards as when the company started.  Skilled workers cut the leather, sew the boots together, fasten the soles in place, and finish all the other details to make work boots you are proud to own. 

Top Features Available on Red Wing Boots

  • Safety toe
  • Soft toe
  • Waterproof
  • Insulated
  • Slip resistant
  • Comfort insole
  • Impact protection
  • Puncture resistant
  • Electrical hazard resistant
  • Flex Force outsole
  • …and more!

Is it hard to find comfortable boots for the shape of your foot?  Red Wing has men’s and women’s work boots in many sizes and widths.  From size 3.5 to size 16, there is a boot for everyone.  Special order your size today from Witmer’s Clothing in Myerstown, PA!



Finally, a boot for the hardworking farm family!  But Muck boots aren’t only for farm families.  They are versatile boots that can be used for gardening, rainy days, hunting, hiking, gardening, campouts, cold snowy days, etc.  

The Original Muck Company began in 1989 with the goal to provide 100% waterproof, comfortable boots for harsh weather and messy conditions.  They have succeeded in attaining their goal and now sell over 60 styles of leather and rubber footwear.  A 30-day hassle-free return guarantee backs all their boots. 

Muck boots are made from NEOPRENE material that is self-insulating and waterproof, keeping your feet warm and dry.  These rubber boots with nylon material on the upper part give you the practical yet attractive boot for any outdoor activity.   A breathable lining allows air circulation, preventing excess humidity and perspiration from building up in your boot. 

Muck boot rubber stays flexible for years.  A quadruple-reinforced heel area and a tripe-reinforced toe area assure the boots are durable.  Muck boots can be sprayed off with the hose when you are finished with chores.  Set them in the mud room, and they will be ready and waiting for the next chore time!



Wolverine has been producing comfortable, durable boots for over 130 years!  This company, with a heritage rooted in hard work and quality products, continues to prosper as it develops new innovative technologies for protection and comfort.

Wolverine has 118 styles of boots that are backed by a 30-day comfort guarantee.  Individual compression pads on the outsole absorb shock and lessen fatigue.  Wear these boots, and if you decide within the first 30 days that the boots are not comfortable, you can return them using a dated sales receipt.    

Do you fly a lot?  Check out Wolverine’s non-metallic safety toe boots.  This type of safety toe will not be detected by the security scanner.  Maybe you can save yourself an annoying delay! 

Wolverine has boots for men and women that help to keep them safe and comfortable on the job.  Your feet are important.  Take good care of them!