Casual & Dress Shoes

At Witmer’s Clothing, we have dress and casual shoes for men, women, and children. We sell well-known brands such as Skechers, Hush Puppies, Soft Spots, Hi-Tec, and more, giving you plenty of selection for your whole family. Whether it’s dress-up, school, or just relaxing, we have a pair for you!



Soft Spots is a well-know brand that carries dress shoes, casual shoes, and sandals.  Soft Spots pampers your feet with their inside comfort design.  Using PillowTop technology, this brand creates a shoe that is designed to mold to your foot, reducing stress caused by pressure points and helping to distribute your weight evenly.  The shoe insole is also temperature sensitive, giving you all day comfort.

 Soft Spots shoes and sandals comes in a broad range of styles, including footwear that the whole family will enjoy from the oldest to the youngest.  Soft Spots also offers special widths, helping those of us who need extra wide or extra narrow shoes!  Do you want a stylish yet practical and comfortable shoe?  Check out our Soft Spots shoes today in Myerstown, Pennsylvania!



Skechers has become a popular brand of dress shoes and sneakers.  Skechers sold its first pair of footwear in 1992 and now sells over 2,500 styles.  With so many options, everyone in the family is sure to find a style of shoe that fits their tastes and activities!

Skechers Memory Foam footwear is famous for its comfortable insoles.  Does your job require you to be on your feet?  Do you enjoy active sports?  Memory Foam provides the extra cushion to keep you going strong all day! 

Skechers offers shoes in many categories – dress, casual, performance, sport, and more!  They also design shoes for relaxed fit and wide widths.  Not only do they sell men’s, women’s, and children’s sneakers, but they also have options for work shoes, boots, and sandals. 

Do your children need new shoes for the upcoming school term?  Make us your one stop for comfortable shoes in Myestown, PA.  We have tennis shoes for the whole family in black, white, and other colors. 



Hush Puppies is a well-known brand recognized by its adorable, basset hound logo.  Each year over seventeen million pairs of Hush Puppies sell in more than 165 countries all over the world.  Established in 1958, this brand has stood the test of time. 

At Witmer’s Clothing, we are delighted to make this comfortable and breathable footwear available to our customers.  Hush Puppies has casual and dress footwear for the whole family – men, women, and children.  Hush Puppies are known for their brush-suede shoes, soft insoles, and lightweight soles. 

Keep your feet happy with a pair of Hush Puppies, and you will go far in a day’s time!